Bobcats News · Bobcats to participate in PB&J Blitz – Free Admission to Sporting Events with Donation




Bobcat Nation!

See the information below regarding PB&J BLITZ.  We have all week to accept donations!  Any individual who brings in a Jar of PB or J to any volleyball/football game this week will get in to that event at no charge!  PLEASE DONATE PLASTIC CONTAINERS ONLY!!!

The PB&J Blitz is a unique experience for students to help their community while instilling a sense of volunteerism, leadership, and community in area youth. By participating in this campaign, your students will learn hunger statistics, poverty and the overarching effects of hunger on health in our region and county.

 How it works: Each week two schools will go head to head in the PB&J Blitz. Through this week long campaign, each school will try to collect the most peanut butter, jelly and online donations. The school with the highest ratio of participation (pounds and funds collected/ amount of students) will be proclaimed the winner at the Friday Night Rival game. Your students have the opportunity of winning $100 for the school for the week and an additional $1,250 if your school is the grand winner for the entire campaign! If each student raises more than $100, they will receive a commemorative t-shirt from the Lowcountry Food Bank. Your school is going up against Colleton County High School. Your drive will be from October 10-17, with the winner announced at the October 19 game.

How to Donate: Have our students drop off peanut butter and jelly at the donation barrels in our school or donate online to our School Page: Here, our students will create their personal page and learn the importance of advocating on behalf of food insecure children, seniors and families in our community.